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Summer feeling – all year long

The name Weishäupl has stood for quality, honesty and innovation for 50 years. This has remained so to this day because we have never stopped looking forward. Despite the use of contemporary materials, we have always remained true to the natural material wood and its unique aesthetics. Look forward to the world of Weishäupl and our diverse product range.


New 2020


When it comes to design, we at Weishäupl are free thinkers.
After all, it is variety that colors our world.

The result? Furniture that constantly surprises. If you had to compare the DENIA range to an animal, it would be a chameleon. Because DENIA is suitable for use anywhere. The armchairs and sofa look equally good on a patio, in a spa area or, thanks to their comfy cushions, in front of the fireplace. The frame is made from aluminum and teak, while highquality textile cording is used for the rests. The range includes matching tables.




New 2020


Some pieces of furniture look as if we have always had them.
Unobtrusive, elegant and absolutely timeless.

Our GUSTAVO table is just such an item. Its aluminum sand casting frame is reminiscent of the old industrial furniture which is so highly prized for its classic design today. We offer the table in various sizes, while the cast-iron leg is also available with colored varnish. And as befits such a timeless all-rounder, it can be combined very attractively with many of our chairs.



New 2020


Creativity provides an inspirational boost in everyday life.
That is why we find the design process so exciting.

And our MINU range extends an open invitation to exercise your own creativity. Single-, double- and

three-seater elements form a modular system to mix and match as your heart desires. Select the number
of backrest cushions to suit your personal taste and comfort requirements, plus hook-on trays and tables in a variety of sizes. We also offer a lightweight, attractively shaped lounger in aluminum. Looking for the WOW effect? Then we warmly recommend our daybed – which also comes in a wide range of variations. Our personal favorite? The two-seater combination with a colorful canopy; the perfect place to dream.




We love new materials, love to find the perfect use for them
and enjoy thinking “outside the box.”

Sometimes we take tried and tested designs, modify them – and surprise ourselves with the result. RACKET was created on the basis of our SLOPE range. We have replaced the polyester covering with wire mesh. And of course, we offer the matching seat cushions. In a variety of patterns, they provide pizzazz and comfort. RACKET is available in all our standard colors.




We like innovative materials, and we love working out the details of technically sophisticated mechanisms.

But our true passion is for the inimitable natural material wood. Our LOFT range is sure to impress with its fine details. For example, a bench that is ergonomically designed for particular comfort and offered in a variety of lengths to go with attractively shaped tables. The design of the matching LOFT chair is based on the classic folding director’s chair, while the stitched covering makes it heaven to sit in. And it goes without saying that it is available with any of our versatile fabrics.